COM Interface Design Skills

When you create a new action interface, you should design your object model with the following features in mind:

  1. Intuitive. Express manual testing in words.

  2. Easy to learn and use. Make it easy enough to use so that manual testers can write the top-level scenario scripts. These testers have valuable insight into how to break applications, so let them solidify that knowledge into an automated scenario script.

  3. Object-oriented. Make your interface object-oriented, to increase productivity. Fortunately, the WDTF scenario model makes it hard to break this rule.

  4. Robust. Action interfaces are meant for reusability, so try to prepare for more than just the simple use cases.

  5. Diagnosable. Make sure you include diagnosability in your design. Try to think about how people can debug problems when they use your interface. It helps to instrument your code with WPP Software Tracing.