Language and region Features on Demand (FOD)

When you add a language pack to an image, you can also add Language Features on Demand (FODs) to enable additional functionality. To view available non-language or region-related FODs, see Available Features on Demand.

To see how to add FODs and language packs to your Windows image, see Add languages to Windows.

Language FODs

Recommendation: Add FODs after you add a language pack. Preinstall the Basic, Fonts, Text-to-speech, Optical character recognition (OCR), and speech recognition languages you expect users in the device’s target market to need. Additionally, add the handwriting recognition FODs to devices that ship with a pen.

Users can also add additional language packs and language FODs in the Language page in the Settings app. Starting with Windows 11, non-administrator user accounts can add both display language and its corresponding language features.

Language FODs are available in six types:


Not all Features on Demand are available for every language. You can learn which FODs are available for languages in the LP to FOD mapping spreadsheet.

Component Sample package name Sample capability name Description
Basic Language.Basic~~~fr-FR~ Spell checking, text prediction, word breaking, and hyphenation if available for the language.

You must add this component before adding any of the other language FODs.

Recommendation: Preinstall this package for each language that you've preinstalled in an image.

Fonts Language.Fonts.Thai~~~und-THAI~ Fonts.

Note: Some languages require a font pack. For example, th-TH requires the Thai font pack.

Check the list of fonts.

OCR Language.OCR~~~fr-FR~ Recognizes and outputs text in an image.

Recommendation: Preinstall this package for each language that you've preinstalled in an image.

Dependencies: The basic component of the same language.

Handwriting recognition Language.Handwriting~~~fr-FR~ Enables handwriting recognition for devices with pen input.

Recommendation: Preinstall for the device’s target language on any device with a touch- or pen-capable screen.

Dependencies: The basic component of the same language.

Text-to-speech Language.TextToSpeech~~~fr-FR~ Enables text to speech, used by Cortana and Narrator.

Recommendation: Preinstall this package for each language that you've preinstalled in an image.

Dependencies: The basic component of the same language.

Speech recognition Language.Speech~~~fr-FR~ Recognizes voice input, used by Cortana and Windows Speech Recognition.

Recommendation: Preinstall this package for each language that you've preinstalled in an image.

Dependencies: The basic and text-to-speech components of the same language.

Retail Demo experience Language.RetailDemo~~~fr-FR~

Retail Demo experience.

Recommendation: Preinstall this package for each language where you'll be selling devices on a retail showroom. Consider also preloading retail demo mode apps and content.

Dependencies: The basic component of the same languageBasic, plus the base retail demo pack: Microsoft-Windows-RetailDemo-OfflineContent-Content-Package, and the English retail demo pack: Microsoft-Windows-RetailDemo-OfflineContent-Content-en-us-Package.


When adding languages for some regions, you'll need to add fonts.

Font FODs provide additional fonts used for particular writing systems and languages. These additional fonts are not required for the Windows to display a language. However, prior to Windows 10, most of these fonts were installed by default on every system, and some were used for user interface display. Customers using particular languages are likely to require the additional fonts related to that language for documents or for user interface strings in applications that run in those languages. The capability names use script identifiers; for example, “Deva” indicates Devanagari script, which is used for Hindi, Konkani and other languages.

Recommendation: If a PC will be sold to a certain region, install that region's font (For example, th-TH should be preinstalled on devices shipping to regions with Thai language).

Region Description Font capability required
am-ET Amharic Language.Fonts.Ethi~~~und-ETHI~
ar-SA Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
ar-SY Arabic (Syria) Language.Fonts.Syrc~~~und-SYRC~
as-IN Assamese Language.Fonts.Beng~~~und-BENG~
bn-BD Bangla (Bangladesh) Language.Fonts.Beng~~~und-BENG~
bn-IN Bangla (India) Language.Fonts.Beng~~~und-BENG~
chr-Cher-US Cherokee (Cherokee) Language.Fonts.Cher~~~und-CHER~
fa-IR Persian Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
gu-IN Gujarati Language.Fonts.Gujr~~~und-GUJR~
he-IL Hebrew Language.Fonts.Hebr~~~und-HEBR~
hi-IN Hindi Language.Fonts.Deva~~~und-DEVA~
ja-JP Japanese Language.Fonts.Jpan~~~und-JPAN~
km-KH Khmer Language.Fonts.Khmr~~~und-KHMR~
kn-IN Kannada Language.Fonts.Knda~~~und-KNDA~
kok-IN Konkani Language.Fonts.Deva~~~und-DEVA~
ko-KR Korean Language.Fonts.Kore~~~und-KORE~
ku-Arab-IQ Central Kurdish (Arabic) Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
lo-LA Lao Language.Fonts.Laoo~~~und-LAOO~
ml-IN Malayalam Language.Fonts.Mlym~~~und-MLYM~
mr-IN Marathi Language.Fonts.Deva~~~und-DEVA~
ne-NP Nepali Language.Fonts.Deva~~~und-DEVA~
or-IN Odia Language.Fonts.Orya~~~und-ORYA~
pa-Arab-PK Punjabi (Arabic) Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
pa-IN Punjabi Language.Fonts.Guru~~~und-GURU~0.0.1.
prs-AF Dari Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
sd-Arab-PK Sindhi (Arabic) Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
si-LK Sinhala Language.Fonts.Sinh~~~und-SINH~
syr-SY Syriac Language.Fonts.Syrc~~~und-SYRC~
ta-IN Tamil Language.Fonts.Taml~~~und-TAML~
te-IN Telugu Language.Fonts.Telu~~~und-TELU~0.0.1.
th-TH Thai Language.Fonts.Thai~~~und-THAI~
ti-ET Tigrinya Language.Fonts.Ethi~~~und-ETHI~
ug-CN Uyghur Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
ur-PK Urdu Language.Fonts.Arab~~~und-ARAB~
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) Language.Fonts.Hans~~~und-HANS~
zh-TW Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) Language.Fonts.Hant~~~und-HANT~

Additional fonts available

These fonts are optional and not required for any region.

Capability Name Description
Language.Fonts.PanEuropeanSupplementalFonts~~~~ Pan-European Supplemental Fonts. Includes additional fonts: Arial Nova, Georgia Pro, Gill Sans Nova, Neue Haas Grotesk, Rockwell Nova, Verdana Pro.

Other region-specific requirements

Region Package Description Recommendation
zh-TW Supplemental support for Taiwan date formatting requirements. Package will be provided to customers located in Taiwan. Preinstall only on devices shipping to the Taiwan market. Not installing this capability on devices causes any API calls to that use the Taiwan calendar to fail.

Note that this feature is distributed as a .cab file on the Languages and Optional Features ISO. Use DISM /add-package to add it to your image. See Add or remove packages offline with DISM for more information.

Download the list of all available language FODs

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