Features On Demand V2 (Capabilities)

Features on Demand v2 (Capabilities), introduced in Windows 10, are Windows feature packages that can be added at any time. Common features include language resources like handwriting recognition or the .NET Framework (.NetFx3).

When the PC needs a new feature, it can request the feature package from Windows Update.

Unlike previous feature packs, Features on Demand V2 can be applicable to multiple Windows builds, and can be added using DISM without knowing the build number. Always use Features on Demand that match the architecture of the operating system. Adding Features on Demand of the wrong architecture might not return an error immediately, but will likely cause functionality issues in the operating system.

Note: If you install an update (hotfix, general distribution release [GDR], or service pack) prior to installing a Feature on Demand or language pack, you'll have to reinstall the update. Always install language packs and Features on Demand before you install updates.

Adding or removing features/capabilities

Use DISM to add or remove capabilities:

  • Use the /Online option to add the capability to your PC.

  • Use the /Image:<mount path> option to add the capability to a Windows image file (.wim).

Command Description Example

Adds a capability to an image.

For packages with dependencies this also pulls dependent packages. For example, if you add the Speech package, you'll also get the Text-to-speech and Basic packages in addition to Speech.

DISM.exe /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Language.Basic~~~en-US~
/Get-Capabilities Get capabilities in the image. DISM /Online /Get-Capabilities
/Get-CapabilityInfo Get information of a capability in the image. DISM /Online /Get-CapabilityInfo /CapabilityName:Language.Basic~~~en-US~

Removes a capability from an image.

Note: You cannot remove a capability that other packages depend on. For example, if you have the French handwriting and basic capabilities installed, you can't remove the basic capability. This will fail.

DISM.exe /Online /Remove-Capability /CapabilityName:Language.Basic~~~en-US~

Capabilities reference

.NET Framework

Component Description
NetFx3 .NET 3.x Framework, a software framework required by many applications.

OpenSSH (Beta)

Component Description
OpenSSH Client (Beta) The beta release of an OpenSSH client for remoting and authentication.
OpenSSH Server (Beta) The beta release of an OpenSSH server for remoting and authentication.

Language capabilities

Not all capabilities are available for every language.

Component Sample file name Dependencies Description
Basic Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Basic-fr-fr-Package None

Spell checking, text prediction, word breaking, and hyphenation if available for the language.

You must add this component before adding any of the following components.

Fonts Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Thai-Package None


Required for some regions to render text that appears in documents. Example, th-TH requires the Thai font pack.

Optical character recognition Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-OCR-fr-fr-Package Basic Recognizes and outputs text in an image.
Handwriting recognition Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Handwriting-fr-fr-Package Basic Enables handwriting recognition for devices with pen input.
Text-to-speech Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-fr-fr-Package Basic Enables text to speech, used by Cortana and Narrator.
Speech recognition Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Speech-fr-fr-Package Basic, Text-To-Speech Recognizes voice input, used by Cortana and Windows Speech Recognition.

Font capabilities

When adding languages for some regions, you'll need to add font capabilities.

Region Description Font capability required
am-ET Amharic Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Ethi-Package
ar-SA Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
ar-SY Arabic (Syria) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Syrc-Package
as-IN Assamese Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Beng-Package
bn-BD Bangla (Bangladesh) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Beng-Package
bn-IN Bangla (India) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Beng-Package
chr-Cher-US Cherokee (Cherokee) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Cher-Package
fa-IR Persian Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
gu-IN Gujarati Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Gujr-Package
he-IL Hebrew Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Hebr-Package
hi-IN Hindi Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Deva-Package
ja-JP Japanese Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Jpan-Package
km-KH Khmer Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Khmr-Package
kn-IN Kannada Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Knda-Package
kok-IN Konkani Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Deva-Package
ko-KR Korean Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Kore-Package
ku-Arab-IQ Central Kurdish (Arabic) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
lo-LA Lao Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Laoo-Package
ml-IN Malayalam Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Mlym-Package
mr-IN Marathi Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Deva-Package
ne-NP Nepali Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Deva-Package
or-IN Odia Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Orya-Package
pa-Arab-PK Punjabi (Arabic) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
pa-IN Punjabi Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Guru-Package
prs-AF Dari Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
sd-Arab-PK Sindhi (Arabic) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
si-LK Sinhala Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Sinh-Package
syr-SY Syriac Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Syrc-Package
ta-IN Tamil Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Taml-Package
te-IN Telugu Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Telu-Package
th-TH Thai Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Thai-Package
ti-ET Tigrinya Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Ethi-Package
ug-CN Uyghur Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
ur-PK Urdu Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Arab-Package
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Hans-Package
zh-TW Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-Hant-Package

Additional fonts available:

These fonts are optional and not required for any region.

Name Description
Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Fonts-PanEuropeanSupplementalFonts-Package Pan-European Supplemental Fonts. Includes additional fonts: Arial Nova, Georgia Pro, Gill Sans Nova, Neue Haas Grotesk, Rockwell Nova, Verdana Pro.

Other region-specific requirements

Region Description Capability Description
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) Microsoft-Windows-InternationalFeatures-Taiwan-Package Supplemental support for Taiwan date formatting requirements. Package will be provided to customers located in Taiwan.

Download the list of all available language FODs

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