Windows Mixed Reality HMD Exerciser Kit

The Windows Mixed Reality Head Mounted Display (MR HMD) Exerciser Kit is a hardware and software package that automates the validation of MR HMDs and PCs. Key functions include HDMI and USB plug/unplug testing, HMD display and audio monitoring, and user presence spoofing. This document provides instructions and guidelines to create a best-in-class HMD.

The Windows Mixed Reality HMD Exerciser Kit consists of the following:

  • HMD Exerciser
    • Arduino Compatible Main Board
    • Custom Hardware- Arduino Shields, Cables, and PCBs
  • Software Tools and Libraries
  • This Documentation

The Windows Mixed Reality HMD Exerciser Kit extends the Microsoft USB Test Tool (MUTT) Connection Exerciser, so the documentation and tooling might occasionally mention Connection Exerciser or ConnEx.

The Windows Mixed Reality HMD Exerciser Kit can be purchased through MCCI.

HMD Exerciser Overview

The HMD Exerciser consists of an Arduino-compatible base and three stacked add-on boards called Shields. Together, these are referred to as the HMD Exerciser Main Board. Alongside this is a separate board designed to fit inside of the HMD. This board is referred to as the HMD Tester.

Below is a simplified diagram of how the HMD Exerciser Main Board and the HMD Tester connect to the HMD and the System Under Test:

HMD Exerciser Kit Setup

The HMD Exerciser Kit hardware enables the following functionality out-of-the-box:

  • USB connect/disconnect and multiplexing
  • HDMI connect/disconnect and multiplexing
  • Display panel brightness and color monitoring for two displays
  • Audio level monitoring
  • User presence spoofing
  • HMD USB current and voltage monitoring
  • Dual servo control

The platform is also extensible, allowing new features through additional shields stacked on the HMD Exerciser Main Board.