wdsutil add-drivergrouppackages

Applies to: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

Adds driver group packages.


wdsutil /add-DriverGroupPackages /DriverGroup:<Group Name> [/Server:<Server Name>] /Filtertype:<Filter type> /Operator:{Equal | NotEqual | GreaterOrEqual | LessOrEqual | Contains} /Value:<Value> [/Value:<Value>]


Parameter Description
/DriverGroup:<Groupname> Specifies the name of the new driver group.
/Server:<Servername> Specifies the name of the server. This can be the NetBIOS name or the FQDN. If no server name is specified, the local server is used.
/Filtertype:<Filtertype> Specifies the type of the driver package to search for. You can specify multiple attributes in a single command. You must also specify /Operator and /Value with this option. Valid values include:
  • PackageId
  • PackageName
  • PackageEnabled
  • Packagedateadded
  • PackageInfFilename
  • PackageClass


  • PackageArchitecture
  • PackageLocale
  • PackageSigned
  • PackagedatePublished
  • Packageversion
  • Driverdescription
  • DriverManufacturer
  • DriverHardwareId
  • DrivercompatibleId
  • DriverExcludeId
  • DriverGroupId
  • DriverGroupName**
/Operator:{Equal|NotEqual|GreaterOrEqual|LessOrEqual|Contains} Specifies the relationship between the attribute and the values. You can only specify Contains with string attributes. You can only specify Equal, NotEqual, GreaterOrEqual and LessOrEqual with date and version attributes.
/Value:<Value> Specifies the client value corresponding to /Filtertype. You can specify multiple values for a single /Filtertype. The available values for each filter are:
  • PackageId - Specify a valid GUID. For example: {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
  • PackageName - Specify any string value
  • PackageEnabled - Specify Yes or No
  • Packagedateadded - Specify the date in the following format: YYYY/MM/DD
  • PackageInfFilename - Specify any string value
  • PackageClass - Specify a valid class name or class GUID. For example: DiskDrive, Net, or {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
  • PackageProvider - Specify any string value
  • PackageArchitecture - Specify x86, x64, or ia64
  • PackageLocale - Specify a valid language identifier. For example: en-US or es-ES
  • PackageSigned - Specify Yes or No
  • PackagedatePublished - Specify the date in the following format: YYYY/MM/DD
  • Packageversion - Specify the version in the following format: a.b.x.y. For example:
  • Driverdescription - Specify any string value
  • DriverManufacturer - Specify any string value
  • DriverHardwareId - Specify any string value
  • DrivercompatibleId - Specify any string value
  • DriverExcludeId - Specify any string value
  • DriverGroupId - Specify a valid GUID. For example: {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
  • DriverGroupName - Specify any string value
For more information about these values, see Driver and Package attributes.


To add a driver group package, type either:

wdsutil /verbose /add-DriverGroupPackages /DriverGroup:printerdrivers /Filtertype:PackageClass /Operator:Equal /Value:printer /Filtertype:DriverManufacturer /Operator:NotEqual /Value:Name1 /Value:Name2
wdsutil /verbose /add-DriverGroupPackages /DriverGroup:DisplayDriversX86 /Filtertype:PackageClass /Operator:Equal /Value:Display /Filtertype:PackageArchitecture /Operator:Equal /Value:x86 /Filtertype:Packagedateadded /Operator:LessOrEqual /Value:2008/01/01

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