Release Notes: Important Issues in Windows Server, version 1803

Applies To: Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel

These release notes summarize the most critical issues in the Windows Server operating system, including ways to avoid or work around known issues. To learn about new features in this release, see What's New in Windows Server version 1803. Check out About Windows containers if you're interested in running a Windows Server, version 1803, container.

Unless otherwise specified, each reported issue applies to all editions and installation options of Windows Server, version 1803.

We continuously update this article. If any known issues are identified, we'll document them here.

Software-defined datacenter

Software-defined datacenter features like Storage Spaces Direct, software-defined networking, and shielded virtual machines aren't included in Windows Server, version 1803. As described in Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel update, the Semi-Annual Channel of Windows Server is focused on containers and application scenarios that benefit from faster innovation.

If you need infrastructure roles, use a Long-Term Servicing Channel release: Windows Server 2016 (available now) or Windows Server 2019 (coming later this year).

We're committed to building the best platform for hyper-converged infrastructure, and we continue to develop new features and improve existing ones based on your feedback. Thank you for helping us get to 10,000+ clusters of Storage Spaces Direct! We look forward to sharing more later this year.