Get Started with Windows Server 2016

Applies To: Windows Server 2016


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Icon showing a box with a checkmark This collection contains detailed information to help you determine if you're ready to move to Windows Server 2016. Once you've checked the system requirements, upgrade options, and other information about moving to Windows Server 2016, you're ready to go back to the main Windows Server 2016 hub and start down the path to installing the best edition and installation option for your needs.


To download Windows Server 2016, see Windows Server Evaluations.

System Requirements

Find out the minimum hardware requirements to install and run Windows Server 2016.

Release Notes: Important Issues in Windows Server

Issues that could cause serious problems if you don't avoid or work around them.

Recommendations for moving to Windows Server 2016

Comprehensive table of available approaches for getting to Windows Server 2016 in various scenarios.

Features Removed or Deprecated in Windows Server 2016

Features that have already been removed from Windows Server 2016 or designated for potential future removal.

Upgrade and Conversion Options

Description of all the ways to move to Windows Server 2016 from whatever you're running today.

Server Role Upgrade and Migration Matrix

Information about additional steps needed to bring particular server roles to Windows Server 2016.

Server Application Compatibility Table

Does SQL work on Windows Server 2016? What steps are needed to get Exchange running? This topic explains what you'll need to do.

Server Activation Guide

Basic information on activation of Windows Server 2016 itself and other operating systems by using Windows Server 2016.