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Windows Admin Center (formerly codenamed Project Honolulu) is an evolution of Windows Server in-box management tools; it's a single pane of glass that consolidates all aspects of local and remote server management. As a locally deployed, browser-based management experience, an Internet connection and Azure aren't required. Windows Admin Center gives you full control of all aspects of your deployment, including private networks that aren't Internet-connected.


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Release history

Learn about our latest released features:

  • Version 1910 is the most recent GA release - it introduces several new Azure hybrid services and brings features that were previously in preview to the GA channel.
  • Version 1909 introduces the Azure VM specific connection type and unifies the connection types for traditional failover clusters and HCI clusters.
  • Version 1908 added visual updates, Packetmon, FlowLog Audit, Azure Monitor onboarding for clusters, and support for WinRM over HTTPS (port 5986.)
  • Version 1907 added Azure cost estimate links and made improvements to import/export and tagging of virtual machines.
  • Version 1906 added import/export VMs, switch Azure accounts, add connections from Azure, connectivity settings experiment, performance improvements, and performance profiling tool.
  • Version 1904.1 was a maintenance update to improve stability of gateway plugins.
  • Version 1904 was a GA release that introduced the Azure Hybrid Services tool, and brought features that were previously in preview to the GA channel.
  • Version 1903 added email notifications from Azure Monitor, the ability to add Server or PC connections from Active Directory, and new tools to manage Active Directory, DHCP, and DNS.
  • Version 1902 added a shared connection list & improvements to software defined network (SDN) management, including new SDN tools to manage ACLs, gateway connections, and logical networks.
  • Version 1812 added dark theme (in preview), power configuration settings, BMC info, and PowerShell support to manage extensions and connections.
  • Version 1809.5 was a GA cumulative update that included various quality and functional improvements, bug fixes throughout the platform, and a few new features in the hyper-converged infrastructure management solution.
  • Version 1809 was a GA release that brought features that were previously in preview to the GA channel.
  • Version 1808 added Installed Apps tool, lots of under the hood improvements, and major updates to the preview SDK.
  • Version 1807 added a streamlined Azure connect experience, improvements to VM inventory page, file sharing functionality, Azure update management integration, and more.
  • Version 1806 added show PowerShell script, SDN management, 2008 R2 connections, SDN, scheduled tasks, and many other improvements.
  • Version 1804.25 - a maintenance update to support users installing Windows Admin Center in completely offline environments.
  • Version 1804 - Project Honolulu becomes Windows Admin Center and adds security features and role-based access control. Our first GA release.
  • Version 1803 added support for Azure AD access control, detailed logging, resizable content, and a bunch of tool improvements.
  • Version 1802 added support for accessibility, localization, high-availability deployments, tagging, Hyper-V host settings, and gateway authentication.
  • Version 1712 added more virtual machine features and performance improvements throughout the tools.
  • Version 1711 added highly anticipated tools (Remote Desktop and PowerShell) along with other improvements.
  • Version 1709 launched as our first public preview release.

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