What's new in the Android client

We regularly update the Remote Desktop client for Android, adding new features and fixing issues. Here's where you'll find the latest updates.

Updates for version 10.0.7

Date Published: 07/24/2020

  • Implemented full support for Windows Virtual Desktop.​
  • Rewrote the client to use the same underlying RDP core engine as the iOS and macOS clients.​
  • New Connection Center experience.​
  • New Connection Progress UI.​
  • New in-session Connection Bar.​
  • Added support for Android TV devices.​
  • Integration with Microsoft Authenticator to enable conditional access when subscribing to Windows Virtual Desktop feeds.
  • Enabled the transfer of connections and settings from Remote Desktop 8.​

Updates for version 8.1.80

Date Published: 05/26/2020

  • Changed the client icon to distinguish it from the new client currently in preview.
  • Prepared the client to support settings and connections transfer to the new client.

Updates for version 8.1.79

Date published: 03/24/2020

  • Fixed an issue where barcode scanners didn't work.

Updates for version 8.1.77

Date published: 02/11/2020

  • Improved accessibility for users of keyboard-only navigation.