How to apply the deployment configuration file by using Windows PowerShell

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1607

When you add or set a package to a computer running the App-V client before it's been published, a dynamic deployment configuration file is applied to it. The dynamic deployment configuration file configures the default settings for the package that all users share on the computer running the App-V client. This section will tell you how to use a deployment configuration file.

Apply the deployment configuration file with Windows PowerShell


The following example cmdlet uses the following two file paths for the package and configuration files:

  • C:\Packages\Contoso\MyApp.appv
  • C:\Packages\Contoso\DynamicConfigurations\deploymentconfig.xml

If your package and configuration files use different file paths than the example, feel free to replace them as needed.

To specify a new default set of configurations for all users who will run the package on a specific computer, in a Windows PowerShell console, enter the following cmdlet:

Add-AppVClientPackage -Path C:\Packages\Contoso\MyApp.appv -DynamicDeploymentConfiguration C:\Packages\Contoso\DynamicConfigurations\deploymentconfig.xml


This command captures the resulting object into $pkg. If the package is already present on the computer, you can use the Set-AppVclientPackage cmdlet to apply the deployment configuration document:

Set-AppVClientPackage -Name Myapp -Path C:\Packages\Contoso\MyApp.appv -DynamicDeploymentConfiguration C:\Packages\Contoso\DynamicConfigurations\deploymentconfig.xml