Windows app developer documentation

Learn how to design, develop, and deploy apps and solutions for Windows PCs and other devices.

Develop for Windows

Desktop apps for Windows

Windows UI Library (WinUI)

Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows Terminal, Python, and other tools

Tasks and technologies

Windows features for developers

Learn how Windows features are supported in different app platforms.

Add Windows 10 features to your desktop app

Enhance and modernize your existing desktop app to use the latest features in Windows 10.


Package and deploy any Windows app in a modern and universal packaging format.

Develop for mobile

Explore Microsoft services that enable you to build secure and reliable cloud-based mobile applications.

Publish to the Microsoft Store

Use Partner Center to publish Windows apps and games to the Microsoft Store.

Make your app accessible

Build accessibility into your applications to empower people of all abilities.

Windows AI

Use Windows AI to build intelligent solutions for complex problems in your apps.

Containers on Windows

Package your applications with their dependencies in fast, fully isolated Windows environments.