Applies to

  • Windows 10, Windows Server 2016

Manage the Settings app with Group Policy

You can now manage the pages that are shown in the Settings app by using Group Policy. This lets you hide specific pages from users. Before Windows 10, version 1703, you could either show everything in the Settings app or hide it completely. To make use of the Settings App group polices on Windows server 2016, install fix 4457127 or a later cumulative update.


Each server that you want to manage access to the Settings App must be patched.

To centrally manage the new policies copy the ControlPanel.admx and ControlPanel.adml file to Central Store if your company uses one or the PolicyDefinitions folder of the Domain Controllers used for Group Policy management.

This policy is available at Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Settings Page Visibility.

Settings page visibility policy

Configuring the Group Policy

The Group Policy can be configured in one of two ways: specify a list of pages that are shown or specify a list of pages to hide. To do this, add either ShowOnly: or Hide: followed by a semicolon delimited list of URIs in Settings Page Visiblity. For a full list of URIs, see the URI scheme reference section in Launch the Windows Settings app.


When you specify the URI in the Settings Page Visbility textbox, don't include ms-settings: in the string.

Here are some examples:

  • To show only the Ethernet and Proxy pages, set the Settings App Visibility textbox to ShowOnly:Network-Proxy;Network-Ethernet.
  • To hide the Ethernet and Proxy pages, set the Settings App Visibility textbox to Hide:Network-Proxy;Network-Ethernet.