KioskBrowser (Windows Configuration Designer reference)

Use KioskBrowser settings to configure Internet sharing.

Applies to

Setting groups Desktop editions Mobile editions Surface Hub HoloLens IoT Core
All settings X


To configure Kiosk Browser settings for desktop editions, go to Policies > KioskBrowser.

Kiosk Browser settings Use this setting to
Blocked URL Exceptions Specify URLs that people can navigate to, even though the URL is in your blocked URL list. You can use wildcards.

For example, if you want people to be limited to only, you would add to blocked URL exception list and then block all other URLs.
Blocked URLs Specify URLs that people can't navigate to. You can use wildcards.

If you want to limit people to a specific site, add https://* to the blocked URL list, and then specify the site to be allowed in the blocked URL exceptions list.
Default URL Specify the URL that Kiosk Browser will open with. Tip! Make sure your blocked URLs don't include your default URL.
Enable Home Button Show a Home button in Kiosk Browser. Home will return the browser to the default URL.
Enable Navigation Buttons Show forward and back buttons in Kiosk Browser.
Restart on Idle Time Specify when Kiosk Browser should restart in a fresh state after an amount of idle time since the last user interaction.


To configure multiple URLs for Blocked URL Exceptions or Blocked URLs in Windows Configuration Designer:

  1. Create the provisioning package. When ready to export, close the project in Windows Configuration Designer.
  2. Open the customizations.xml file in the project folder (e.g C:\Users\name\Documents\Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD)\Project_18).
  3. Insert the null character string in between each URL (e.g
  4. Save the XML file.
  5. Open the project again in Windows Configuration Designer.
  6. Export the package. Ensure you do not revisit the created policies under Kiosk Browser or else the null character will be removed.