Null Renderer Filter


[Deprecated. This API may be removed from future releases of Windows.]


The Null Renderer filter is a renderer that discards every sample it receives, without displaying or rendering the sample data.

Filter interfaces IBaseFilter, IMediaPosition, IMediaSeeking
Input pin media types Any media type
Input pin interfaces IMemInputPin, IPin, IQualityControl
Output pin media types Not applicable.
Output pin interfaces Not applicable.
Filter CLSID CLSID_NullRenderer
Property Page CLSID No property page.
Executable Qedit.dll
Filter Category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory



Use this filter when an output pin in the graph requires a downstream connection, but you do not wish to render the data from that pin. By connecting the output pin to the Null Renderer, you complete the connection without rendering the data.

Even though this filter does not render any samples, it does wait for each sample's presentation time before discarding the sample. Therefore, the graph will run at the normal rate. If you want the graph the run as quickly as possible, set the reference clock to NULL. For more information, see Setting the Graph Clock.



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