_RowState Column

The reserved column name _RowState represents the non-persistent state associated with each table row in an installer database table. The pseudo-column is of type Integer, and the value consists of a set of bit flags. All the bits are readable, but only the UserInfo and Temporary bits can be set. This data is available only as long as the tables are locked or in use (that is, while a view containing the tables exists). The following table shows the attributes a row can have.

Name Value Meaning
iraUserInfo 0x01 The attribute is for external use. This value can be updated.
iraTemporary 0x02 The row is not persistent. This value can be updated.
iraModified 0x04 A row has been updated.
iraInserted 0x08 A row has been inserted.
iraMergeFailed 0x0F An attempt was made to merge with non-identical, non-key data.


Bits 6 through 8 are reserved.