Certificate Extension Interfaces

The following interfaces can be used to create certificate extensions.

Interface Description
IAlternativeName Represents an instance of an AlternativeNames extension.
IAlternativeNames Manages a collection of IAlternativeName objects.
ICertificatePolicy Specifies a certificate policy that identifies the purpose for which the certificate can be used.
ICertificatePolicies Manages a collection of ICertificatePolicy objects.
IPolicyQualifier Represents a qualifier that can be associated with a certificate policy.
IPolicyQualifiers Manages a collection of IPolicyQualifier objects.
IX509Extension Defines an extension for a certificate request.
IX509ExtensionAlternativeNames Specifies one or more alternative name forms for the subject of a certificate.
IX509ExtensionAuthorityKeyIdentifier Represents an AuthorityKeyIdentifier extension.
IX509ExtensionBasicConstraints Specifies whether the certificate subject is a certification authority and, if so, the depth of the subordinate certification authority chain.
IX509ExtensionCertificatePolicies Represents a collection of policy information terms.
IX509ExtensionMSApplicationPolicies Represents a collection of object identifiers that indicate how a certificate can be used by an application.
IX509ExtensionEnhancedKeyUsage Represents a collection of object identifiers that identify the intended uses of the public key contained in a certificate.
IX509ExtensionKeyUsage Represents restrictions on the operations that can be performed by the public key contained in the certificate.
IX509Extensions Manages a collection of IX509Extension objects.
IX509ExtensionSmimeCapabilities Represents a collection that reports the decryption capabilities of an email recipient to an email sender.
IX509ExtensionSubjectKeyIdentifier Represents a SubjectKeyIdentifier extension used to identify a signing certificate.
IX509ExtensionTemplate Represents a CertificateTemplate extension that contains a version 2 template.
IX509ExtensionTemplateName Represents a CertificateTemplateName extension that contains a version 1 template.
ISmimeCapabilities Manages a collection of ISmimeCapability objects.
ISmimeCapability Represents an SMIMECapabilities extension that identifies the decryption capabilities of an email recipient.


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