IMsTscAxEvents::OnRemoteProgramResult method

Called when a RemoteApp program returns a result to the client control.


VOID OnRemoteProgramResult(
  [in] BSTR                bstrRemoteProgram,
  [in] RemoteProgramResult lError,
  [in] VARIANT_BOOL        vbIsExecutable


bstrRemoteProgram [in]

The name of the RemoteApp program.

lError [in]

The result of the attempt to launch the RemoteApp program.

remoteAppResultOk (0 (0x0))

The RemoteApp program launched successfully.

remoteAppResultLocked (1 (0x1))

The remote session is locked and the RemoteApp program cannot be launched. The user must enter their credentials to unlock the session, and then launch the RemoteApp program.

remoteAppResultProtocolError (2 (0x2))

The RemoteApp program returned a protocol error.

remoteAppResultNotInWhitelist (3 (0x3))

The RemoteApp program is not in the approved list of the RD Session Host server.

remoteAppResultNetworkPathDenied (4 (0x4))

The network path to the RemoteApp program was denied.

remoteAppResultFileNotFound (5 (0x5))

The RemoteApp program file was not found.

remoteAppResultFailure (6 (0x6))

The RemoteApp program failed to launch.

remoteAppResultHookNotLoaded (7 (0x7))

The RemoteApp program cannot be launched because the session is currently displaying the secure desktop.

vbIsExecutable [in]

Indicates whether the RemoteApp program was launched directly, by using the executable name or indirectly, by using a file association.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


Implement this method in your event sink to receive notification that a RemoteApp program returned a result.

This method is called immediately after the ActiveX control attempts to launch the RemoteApp program, and the lError parameter indicates the result of the attempt.


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008
Type library
IMsTscAxEvents is defined as 336d5562-efa8-482e-8cb3-c5c0fc7a7db6

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