The fullScreen property specifies or retrieves a value indicating whether video content is played back in full-screen mode.


player .fullScreen

Possible Values

This property is a read/write Boolean.

Value Description
true Video content is played back in full-screen mode.
false Default. Video content is not played back in full-screen mode.


For full-screen mode to work properly when embedding the Windows Media Player control, the video display area must have a height and width of at least one pixel. If uiMode is set to "mini" or "full", the height of the control itself must be 65 or greater to accommodate the video display area in addition to the user interface.

If uiMode is set to "invisible", then setting this property to true raises an error and does not affect the behavior of the control.

During full-screen playback, Windows Media Player hides the mouse cursor when enableContextMenu equals false and uiMode equals "none".

If uiMode is set to "full" or "mini", Windows Media Player displays transport controls in full-screen mode when the mouse cursor moves. After a brief interval of no mouse movement, the transport controls are hidden. If uiMode is set to "none", no controls are displayed in full-screen mode.


Displaying transport controls in full-screen mode requires the Windows XP operating system.

If transport controls are not displayed in full-screen mode, then Windows Media Player automatically exits full-screen mode when playback stops.


Always be sure to inform the user how to return from full-screen mode.


The following example creates an HTML input button that uses Player.fullScreen to switch an embedded player object to full-screen mode. The Player object was created with ID = "Player".

<INPUT type = button 
       value = "Full Screen" 
       name = FSBUTTON
       onclick = "
               /* Check to be sure the player is playing. */
               if (Player.playState == 3) 
                  Player.fullScreen = 'true';


Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

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