UserRating Attribute

The UserRating attribute is the rating specified by the user in the library.

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User ratings are represented by integer values, as described in the following table. When specifying a value, use one of the values from the Writing value column. When retrieving values, you can use the ranges in the Reading values column to determine the number of stars.

Rating Writing value Reading values
Unrated 0 0
1 star 1 1 to 12
2 stars 25 13 to 37
3 stars 50 38 to 62
4 stars 75 63 to 86
5 stars 99 87 to 99

This attribute is stored only in the library.

To determine whether you can change the value of this attribute, use the Media.isReadOnlyItem method.


Windows Media Player 9 Series or later (The photo item is supported only in Windows Media Player 10 or later)

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