Windows Media Playlist Elements Reference

This section contains reference documentation for all Windows Media Playlist elements. Reference entries include definitions of the elements, their attributes and values, and special conditions related to each element.

The following playlist elements are supported.

Element Description
argument Contains one portion of a condition string.
body Contains the elements that define the contents of a playlist.
filter Contains elements that limit the size of a playlist, duration of a playlist, or number of media items in a playlist.
fragment Specifies one condition of the query that selects items from the library.
head Contains metadata that applies to the entire playlist.
media Specifies one of the media items in a playlist.
meta Specifies metadata that applies to the entire playlist.
querySet Contains elements that define which media items will be selected from the library.
seq Contains elements that define a static playlist or elements that define a smart playlist.
smartPlaylist Contains the dynamically defined portion of a playlist.
smil The smil element is always the top-level element in a Windows Media Playlist (WPL) file. It specifies that the file uses SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) syntax and grammar.
sourceFilter Contains elements that select items from a library.
title Specifies a title for the playlist.


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