CIM System Properties for MIB Objects

WMI defines a set of system properties that are associated with all classes and instances of classes in addition to class-specific properties.


For more information about installing the provider, see Setting up the WMI SNMP Environment.

The SNMP Provider uses the following CIM system properties when mapping MIB object definitions to CIM class definitions. Mandatory properties must be present for the SNMP Provider to fully resolve a group object. Failure to define a mandatory property returns an error.

Property Description
__CLASS stringMandatory
For instances, the class to which the object belongs. For classes, this is the class name.
__DYNASTY stringOptional
Name of the class that is the ultimate base class for the current object (not its immediate parent class).
__GENUS uint32Mandatory
Type of object. Values are:
1 = class
2 = instance
__NAMESPACE stringMandatory
Namespace where the object is located.
__PATH stringMandatory
Absolute path to the object.
__PROPERTYCOUNT uint32Mandatory
Number of non-system properties defined for the object.
__RELPATH stringMandatory
Relative path to the object.
__SERVER stringMandatory
Server supplying the object.
__SUPERCLASS stringOptional
Immediate parent class of the object.