ICOMAdminCatalog interface

Initiates a session to do programmatic COM+ administration, access collections in the catalog, install COM+ applications and components, start and stop services, and connect to remote servers. ICOMAdminCatalog provides access to the COM+ catalog data store.


The ICOMAdminCatalog interface has these methods.

Method Description
ICOMAdminCatalog::BackupREGDB Backs up the COM+ class registration database to a specified file.
ICOMAdminCatalog::Connect Connects to the COM+ catalog on a specified remote computer.
ICOMAdminCatalog::ExportApplication Exports a COM+ application or application proxy to a file, ready for installation on different computers.
ICOMAdminCatalog::get_MajorVersion Retrieves the major version number of the COMAdmin library.
ICOMAdminCatalog::get_MinorVersion Retrieves the minor version number of the COMAdmin library.
ICOMAdminCatalog::GetCollection Retrieves a top-level collection on the COM+ catalog.
ICOMAdminCatalog::GetCollectionByQuery Retrieves a collection on the COM+ catalog given the key property values for all of its parent items.
ICOMAdminCatalog::GetEventClassesForIID Retrieves a list of the event classes registered on the computer that implement a specified interface.
ICOMAdminCatalog::GetMultipleComponentsInfo Retrieves information about the components found in the specified files.
ICOMAdminCatalog::ImportComponent Imports a component already registered as an in-process server into a COM+ application.
ICOMAdminCatalog::InstallApplication Installs a COM+ application or application proxy from the specified file.
ICOMAdminCatalog::InstallComponent Installs all components (COM classes) from a DLL file into a COM+ application and registers the components in the COM+ class registration database.
ICOMAdminCatalog::InstallEventClass Installs event classes from a file into a COM+ application.
ICOMAdminCatalog::InstallMultipleComponents Installs components from multiple files into a COM+ application.
ICOMAdminCatalog::InstallMultipleEventClasses Installs event classes from multiple files into a COM+ application.
ICOMAdminCatalog::QueryApplicationFile Retrieves information about a COM+ application from an application file.
ICOMAdminCatalog::RefreshComponents Updates component registration information from the registry.
ICOMAdminCatalog::RefreshRouter This method is obsolete.
ICOMAdminCatalog::RestoreREGDB Restores the COM+ class registration database (RegDB) from the specified file. For this to take effect, a system reboot is required.
ICOMAdminCatalog::ServiceCheck Retrieves the current status of the specified COM+ service.
ICOMAdminCatalog::ShutdownApplication Initiates shutdown of a COM+ server application process.
ICOMAdminCatalog::StartApplication Starts the specified COM+ server application. The application components are launched in a dedicated server process.
ICOMAdminCatalog::StartRouter Starts the component load balancing service if the service is currently installed.
ICOMAdminCatalog::StopRouter Stops the component load balancing service if the service is currently installed.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header comadmin.h