ID3D11Linker interface

A linker interface is used to link a shader module.

Note  This interface is part of the HLSL shader linking technology that you can use on all Direct3D 11 platforms to create precompiled HLSL functions, package them into libraries, and link them into full shaders at run time.



The ID3D11Linker interface has these methods.

Method Description
ID3D11Linker::AddClipPlaneFromCBuffer Adds a clip plane with the plane coefficients taken from a cbuffer entry for 10Level9 shaders.
ID3D11Linker::Link Links the shader and produces a shader blob that the Direct3D runtime can use.
ID3D11Linker::UseLibrary Adds an instance of a library module to be used for linking.


To get a linker interface, call D3DCreateLinker.

Note  ID3D11Linker requires the D3dcompiler_47.dll or a later version of the DLL.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d11shader.h

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