IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect interface

The turbulence effect is used to generate a bitmap based on the Perlin noise function. The turbulence effect has no input image.


The IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect::SetBaseFrequency Sets the base frequencies in the X and Y direction.
IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect::SetNoise Sets the turbulence noise mode.
IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect::SetNumOctaves Sets the number of octaves for the noise function.
IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect::SetOffset Sets the coordinates where the turbulence output is generated.
IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect::SetSeed Sets the seed for the pseudo random generator.
IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect::SetSize Sets the size of the turbulence output.
IDCompositionTurbulenceEffect::SetStitchable Specifies whether stitching is on or off.


Target Platform Windows
Header dcomp.h

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