IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce interface

Use this interface to write audio to blank CD-R or CD-RW media in Track-At-Once mode.

To create an instance of this interface, call the CoCreateInstance function. Use__uuidof(MsftDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce) for the class identifier and __uuidof(IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce) for the interface identifier.


The IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::AddAudioTrack Writes the data stream to the current media as a new track.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::CancelAddTrack Cancels the current write operation.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_BufferUnderrunFreeDisabled Determines if Buffer Underrun Free recording is enabled.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_ClientName Retrieves the friendly name of the client.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_CurrentPhysicalMediaType Retrieves the type of media in the disc device.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_CurrentRotationTypeIsPureCAV Retrieves the current rotational-speed control used by the recorder.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_CurrentWriteSpeed Retrieves the drive's current write speed.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_DoNotFinalizeMedia Determines if the media is left open for writing after writing the audio track.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_ExpectedTableOfContents Retrieves the table of content for the audio tracks that were laid on the media within the track-writing session.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_FreeSectorsOnMedia Retrieves the number of sectors available for adding a new track to the media.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_NumberOfExistingTracks Retrieves the number of existing audio tracks on the media.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_Recorder Retrieves the recording device to use for the write operation.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_RequestedRotationTypeIsPureCAV Retrieves the requested rotational-speed control type.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_RequestedWriteSpeed Retrieves the requested write speed.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_SupportedWriteSpeedDescriptors Retrieves a list of the detailed write configurations supported by the disc recorder and current media.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_SupportedWriteSpeeds Retrieves a list of the write speeds supported by the disc recorder and current media.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_TotalSectorsOnMedia Retrieves the total sectors available on the media if writing one continuous audio track.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::get_UsedSectorsOnMedia Retrieves the total number of used sectors on the media.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::PrepareMedia Locks the current media for exclusive access.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::put_BufferUnderrunFreeDisabled Determines if Buffer Underrun Free Recording is enabled.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::put_ClientName Sets the friendly name of the client.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::put_DoNotFinalizeMedia Determines if the media is left open for writing after writing the audio track.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::put_Recorder Sets the recording device to use for the write operation.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::ReleaseMedia Closes the track-writing session and releases the lock.
IDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce::SetWriteSpeed Sets the write speed of the disc recorder.


To create the MsftDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce object in a script, use IMAPI2.MsftDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce as the program identifier when calling CreateObject.

It is possible for a power state transition to take place during a burn operation (i.e. user log-off or system suspend) which leads to the interruption of the burn process and possible data loss. For programming considerations, see Preventing Logoff or Suspend During a Burn.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista, Windows XP with SP2 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header imapi2.h

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