IRDPSRAPIAttendee::get_Invitation method

The invitation used to grant the attendee access to the conference.

This property is read-only.


HRESULT get_Invitation(
  IRDPSRAPIInvitation **ppVal



Return Value



An application can have multiple groups of attendees. For example, an application can define a "Moderators" group and a "Spectators" group. Attendees that belong to the "Moderators" group are granted interactive control, while attendees in the "Spectators" group are only granted access to view the session. The application achieves this implementation by creating two invitation objects, one for each group. When an attendee connects, the application can verify which group the attendee belongs to by checking the GroupName property of the invitation object used for authentication. If the group name is "Spectators," the application sets the ControlLevel property for the attendee to CTRL_LEVEL_VIEW. If the group name is "Moderators," it sets the ControlLevel property to CTRL_LEVEL_INTERACTIVE.

If this property is accessed on the viewer side, it returns a dummy invitation.


Windows version Windows Vista [desktop apps UWP apps] Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header rdpencomapi.h
DLL RdpEncom.dll

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