ITravelLog interface

[ITravelEntry may not be supported in versions of Windows later than Windows XP.]

Deprecated. Exposes methods that maintain and manipulate a record of travel in the browser.


The ITravelLog interface has these methods.

Method Description
ITravelLog::AddEntry Deprecated. Adds a new entry for a pending navigation to the travel log.
ITravelLog::Clone Deprecated. Duplicates the contents of the current travel log.
ITravelLog::CountEntries Deprecated. Generates the number of entries in the travel log.
ITravelLog::FindTravelEntry Deprecated. Determines whether a specific travel entry is present in the travel log.
ITravelLog::GetToolTipText Deprecated. Gets tooltip text for a travel entry, which is used as a Unicode display string in the UI.
ITravelLog::GetTravelEntry Deprecated. Gets a travel entry in the travel log relative to the position of the current entry.
ITravelLog::InsertMenuEntries Deprecated. Inserts entries into the specified menu.
ITravelLog::Revert Deprecated. Reverts to the current entry, dropping the result of ITravelLog::AddEntry in the case of a failed navigation.
ITravelLog::Travel Deprecated. Navigates to a travel entry in the travel log relative to the position of the current entry.
ITravelLog::UpdateEntry Deprecated. Saves the browser state of the current entry in preparation for a pending navigation.
ITravelLog::UpdateExternal Deprecated. Updates an entry that originated out of the current procedure through IHlinkFrame.


Target Platform Windows
Header shdeprecated.h