IShellImageData interface

[This interface will eventually be unsupported. It is recommended that Windows GDI+ APIs be used in place of IShellImageData methods.]

Exposes methods and properties that display, manipulate, and describe image data.


The IShellImageData interface has these methods.

Method Description
IShellImageData::CloneFrame Retrieves a clone of the current image or frame.
IShellImageData::Decode Decodes the image file, setting state.
IShellImageData::DiscardEdit Discards edits made to an image.
IShellImageData::DisplayName Gets the name of the file if IShellImageData was initialized on a file path. Otherwise, gets the name of the data stream.
IShellImageData::Draw Draws a decoded image.
IShellImageData::GetCurrentPage Gets the current page of a multipage image.
IShellImageData::GetDelay Gets the delay value for the current frame of an animation.
IShellImageData::GetEncoderParams Gets the current set of encoder parameters.
IShellImageData::GetPageCount Gets the number of pages in a multipage image.
IShellImageData::GetPixelFormat Gets the pixel format of the image.
IShellImageData::GetProperties Gets an IPropertySetStorage through which the properties of the image can be accessed.
IShellImageData::GetRawDataFormat Retrieves a GUID that identifies the format of the image.
IShellImageData::GetResolution Gets the resolution, in dots per inch (dpi), of the image.
IShellImageData::GetSize Gets the dimensions of the image file.
IShellImageData::IsAnimated Determines whether the image is animated.
IShellImageData::IsDecoded Determines whether the image has been decoded by calling IShellImageData::Decode. Many operations return a failure code if the image is not first decoded.
IShellImageData::IsEditable Determines whether the image can be edited.
IShellImageData::IsMultipage Determines whether the image is a multipage Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) image.
IShellImageData::IsPrintable Determines whether the image can be printed.
IShellImageData::IsTransparent Determines whether the image is transparent.
IShellImageData::IsVector Determines whether the image is a vector image.
IShellImageData::NextFrame Switches to the next frame of an animated image.
IShellImageData::NextPage Switches to the next page of a multipage image. Any associated animations are reset.
IShellImageData::PrevPage Switches to the previous page of a multipage image. Any associated animations are reset.
IShellImageData::RegisterAbort Sets a callback abort object, optionally returning a pointer to the previous object.
IShellImageData::ReplaceFrame Replaces the current frame with a new image.
IShellImageData::Rotate Rotates an image in increments of 90 degrees.
IShellImageData::Scale Adjusts the size of an image.
IShellImageData::SelectPage Selects a specified page in a multipage image.
IShellImageData::SetEncoderParams Sets encoder parameters.


This interface was not included in a public header file prior to Windows Vista.


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header shimgdata.h