IUPnPDeviceFinderCallback::SearchComplete method

The SearchComplete method is invoked by the UPnP framework to notify the application that the initial search for network devices has been completed.

This method is invoked when the UPnP framework has finished sending IUPnPDeviceFinderCallback::DeviceAdded or IUPnPDeviceFinderAddCallbackWithInterface::DeviceAddedWithInterface callbacks for all devices that were present on the network at the time the search was started. These callbacks reflect the state of the network at the time the search was started.


HRESULT SearchComplete(
  LONG lFindData



Specifies the search for which the UPnP framework is returning results. The value of lFindData is the value returned to the caller by IUPnPDeviceFinder::CreateAsyncFind.

Return Value

The application should return S_OK.


This method simply provides information. It does not indicate that the asynchronous search has ended, but rather that the initial probe has completed. The asynchronous search continues to report devices being added to and removed from the network until the application calls IUPnPDeviceFinder::CancelAsyncFind.

The initial search can take a long time to complete. The SearchComplete callback is invoked when the description document for the last device found (that is, the last device found to be present on the network at the time the search was started) has either been loaded or has failed to load.


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header upnp.h
DLL Upnp.dll

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