Desktop Programming

Get started learning the basics of building great desktop apps in this section.

When you want to create a new desktop app, the first decision you make is whether to use the Win32 and COM API or .NET. C++ and Win32 gets you "closer to the metal," and lets you achieve the best performance for your app. .NET gets you to a higher level of coding and productivity with a less complex language. Learn which technology is best for your needs: Choose Your Technology.

In this section

Topic Description
Create your first app using DirectX
This basic tutorial will get you started with DirectX app development.
Learn to Program for Windows
The aim of this series is to teach you how to write a Windows program in C++.
Programming Guide for 64-bit Windows
Describes programming for 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system.
Using the Windows Headers
Provides an overview of some of the conventions used in the Windows header files.

Get started with the .NET Framework