ID3DXLine interface

The ID3DXLine interface implements line drawing using textured triangles.


The ID3DXLine interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. ID3DXLine also has these types of members:


The ID3DXLine interface has these methods.

Method Description
Begin Prepares a device for drawing lines.
Draw Draws a line strip in screen space. Input is in the form of an array that defines points (of D3DXVECTOR2) on the line strip.
DrawTransform Draws a line strip in screen space with a specified input transformation matrix.
End Restores the device state to how it was when ID3DXLine::Begin was called.
GetAntialias Gets the line antialiasing state.
GetDevice Retrieves the Direct3D device associated with the line object.
GetGLLines Gets the OpenGL-style line-drawing mode.
GetPattern Gets the line stipple pattern.
GetPatternScale Gets the stipple-pattern scale value.
GetWidth Gets the thickness of the line.
OnLostDevice Use this method to release all references to video memory resources and delete all stateblocks. This method should be called whenever a device is lost, or before resetting a device.
OnResetDevice Use this method to re-acquire resources and save initial state.
SetAntialias Toggles line antialiasing.
SetGLLines Toggles the mode to draw OpenGL-style lines.
SetPattern Applies a stipple pattern to the line.
SetPatternScale Stretches the stipple pattern along the line direction.
SetWidth Specifies the thickness of the line.



Create a line drawing object with D3DXCreateLine.

The LPD3DXLINE type is defined as a pointer to the ID3DXLine interface.

typedef interface ID3DXLine ID3DXLine;
typedef interface ID3DXLine *LPD3DXLINE;



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