Math Function Support in D3DX (Direct3D 9)

D3DX is a utility library that provides helper services. It is a layer above the Direct3D component.


Math support, contained in a set of functions, is provided for:

  • Color calculations
  • Planes
  • Matrix manipulation
  • Quaternions
  • 2D vectors
  • 3D vectors
  • 4D vectors

Please note that when coupled with the C++ overloads, the support for basic 3D math types is extensive.

For more information about these functions, see D3DX Functions. To help find the function you need, they are broken up in several folders.


When using the FLOAT16 data type, be sure to limit values to a maximum of D3DX_16F_MAX. Any FLOAT16 value that exceeds this will result in undefined behavior in the pipeline. See Other D3DX Constants.