IMAPI enables the creation of optical media using a variety of file systems.


IMAPI provides the following capabilities:

  • Creates and burns single-session and multisession discs.
  • Creates and burns bootable discs.
  • Creates and burns RAW CD Disc-at-Once images.
  • Provides low-level access to the burn engine for developing support for new devices.
  • Provides access to extended recorder properties for developing support for new devices.
  • Provides burn verification options.

IMAPI supports the following formats. For more details, see Disc Formats.

  • ISO9660 image format (includes Redbook Audio).
  • Joliet format.
  • Universal Disk Format (UDF).

IMAPI supports the following media devices.

  • Recordable CD (CD-R). Formerly known as CD Write Once.
  • Rewritable CD (CD-RW)
  • Recordable DVD (DVD-R and DVD+R).
  • Rewritable DVD (DVD-RW and DVD+RW).
  • Random-access DVD (DVD-RAM).
  • Recordable dual layer DVD (in DVD-R and DVD+R formats).
  • Recordable BD (BD-R)
  • Rewritable BD (BD-RE)
  • Writes to other disc-like media.

Disc Formats