Manage Policy Settings

The VBScript file WiPolicy.vbs is provided in the Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers. This sample shows how script can be used to manage system policy. Policy can be configured by an administrator using the Group Policy Editor (GPE).

This sample demonstrates the Windows Installer policies.

Using this sample requires the CScript.exe or WScript.exe version of Windows Script Host. To use CScript.exe to run this sample, type a command at the command prompt using the following syntax. Help is displayed if the first argument is /? or if too few arguments are specified. To redirect the output to a file, end the command line with VBS > [path to file]. The sample returns a value of 0 for success, 1 if help is invoked, and 2 if the script fails.

cscript WiPolicy.vbs [policy][value]

If no arguments are specified on the command line, the sample returns the current policy settings. Specify the policy to be set by using the following identifier codes. Specify the new value for the policy. To return the current value of a policy, specify an empty string "" for the value.

CODE Description
LM Logging modes. For more information, see Logging .
DO Debug modes. For more information, see Debug.
DI Disable Windows Installer mode. For more information, see DisableMsi.
WT Wait timeout in seconds in case of no activity. HKLM\SoftWare\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer\Timeout
DB Disable user browsing of source locations. For more information, see DisableBrowse.
DP Disable patching. For more information, see DisablePatch.
UC Public properties sent to install service. For more information, see EnableUserControl.
SS Installer safe for scripting from browser. For more information, see SafeForScripting.
EM System privileges (HKLM). For more information, see AlwaysInstallElevated.
EU System privileges (HKCU). For more information, see AlwaysInstallElevated.
DR Disable rollback policy. For more information, see DisableRollback.
TS Locate transforms at root of source image. For more information, see TransformsAtSource policy.
TP Pin secure tranforms in client-side-cache. For more information, see TransformsSecure policy.
SO Search order of source types. For more information, see SearchOrder.


For additional scripting examples, see Windows Installer Scripting Examples. For sample utilities that do not require Windows Script Host, see Windows Installer Development Tools.