Core Tablet PC Enumerations

This section contains the core enumerations for Tablet PC.

In This Section

Enumeration Description
InkApplicationGesture Specifies the interest in a set of application-specific gesture.
InkBoundingBoxMode Enumeration Specifies which characteristics of a stroke, such as drawing attributes, are used to calculate the bounding box of the ink.
InkClipboardFormats Specifies the format of ink that is stored on the Clipboard.
InkClipboardModes Specifies the copy options of the Clipboard.
InkCollectionMode Determines whether ink, gestures, or ink and gestures are recognized as the user writes.
InkCollectorEventInterest Specifies whether an event occurred on an ink collector and, if so, which event fired.
InkCursorButtonState Specifies the state of a cursor button.
InkDivisionType Defines values for the structural types within the IInkDivisionResult object.
InkExtractFlags Specifies what part of a stroke to remove from an InkDisp object.
InkMouseButton Specifies which mouse button was pressed.
InkMousePointer Specifies the type of mouse pointer to appear.
InkOverlayAttachMode Specifies where to attach the new InkOverlay object, behind or in front of the active layer.
InkOverlayEditingMode Specifies the behavior mode of the InkOverlay object and the InkPicture control.
InkOverlayEraserMode Specifies the way in which ink is erased from the InkOverlay object and the InkPicture control.
This mode is used when the InkOverlayEditingMode is set to Delete.
InkPenTip Specifies whether the pen tip is round or rectangular.
InkPersistenceCompressionMode Specifies the compression modes that are used to save the InkDisp object to a serialized format.
InkPersistenceFormat Specifies how ink is persisted.
InkRasterOperation Defines values for performing raster operations on drawn ink.
InkRecognitionAlternatesSelection Enumeration Not implemented.
InkRecognitionConfidence Indicates the level of confidence that the recognizer has in the recognition result.
InkRecognitionModes Specifies how the recognzier interprets the ink and determines the result string.
InkRecognitionStatus Specifies whether an error occurred during recognition and, if so, which error occurred.
InkRecognizerCapabilities Specifies the attributes of a recognizer. You also use this enumeration to determine which attributes to use when you search for an installed recognizer.
InkRecognizerCharacterAutoCompletionMode Specifies types of character input modes.
InkShiftKeyModifierFlags Specifies which modifier key was pressed.
InkSystemGesture Specifies the interest in a set of operating system-specific gestures.
ItemSelectionConstants Specifies whether the first element or all elements within a group of points or packet values are used.
PanelType Defines the type of input currently available in the PenInputPanel object.
SelectionHitResult Specifies which part of a selection, if any, was hit during a hit test.
TabletHardwareCapabilities Specifies the hardware capabilities of the Tablet PC.
TabletPropertyMetricUnit Indicates the unit of measurement of a property.