What's New in Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) 2.0

Many new Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) API are included in Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) 2.0. Moreover, there are some forward and backward incompatibilities between Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) 1.0 and the WIA 2.0 service that ships with Windows Vista. Some interfaces, structures, properties, and property values of WIA 1.0 are not supported by, and applications using them will not run on, Windows Vista and later. Similarly, applications using the new interfaces, structures, properties, and property values introduced with WIA 2.0 (see below) will not run on OS versions prior to Windows Vista.

New API for WIA 2.0

Constants: Lists Updated for WIA 2.0

New Structures in WIA 2.0

Topic Contents
DEVICEDIALOGDATA2 Defines the data needed to call a device dialog.
WIA_RAW_HEADER The WIA_RAW_HEADER structure defines an image in the RAW data format of a device and enables applications to use RAW format in WIA transfers.
WiaTransferParams The WiaTransferParams is transmitted to an application during a data transfer by the WIA run-time system to the IWiaTransferCallback::TransferCallback method.


New Interfaces in WIA 2.0

Topic Contents
IEnumWiaItem2 Used by applications to enumerate IWiaItem2 objects in the item tree's current folder.
IScanProfile The IScanProfile interface represents a single scan profile and enables applications to set and get the properties of the profile.
IScanProfileMgr The IScanProfileMgr interface provides methods for creating, opening, deleting, and managing scan profiles.
IScanProfileUI The IScanProfileUI interface enables applications to display a dialog box so that users can create, modify, and delete scan profiles.
IWiaAppErrorHandler The IWiaAppErrorHandler interface enables applications to display error windows (during data transfers) from which the user can choose whether to continue, cancel, or abort the transfer.
IWiaDevMgr2 The IWiaDevMgr2 interface is used to create and manage image acquisition devices and to register to receive device events.
IWiaErrorHandler The IWiaErrorHandler interface provides methods to handle errors that may occur when an application requests image data, whether for preview or final bits.
IWiaImageFilter The IWiaImageFilter interface is an extension interface implemented by image processing filter developers and called by WIA 2.0.
IWiaItem2 The IWiaItem2 interface provides applications with the same functionality as the IWiaItem interface (the ability to query devices to discover their capabilities, to access data transfer interfaces and item properties, and to control the device). It also provides application with the ability to dynamically create and use image processing filters that can come as extensions of the WIA 2.0 device drivers provided in Windows Vista.
IWiaPreview The IWiaPreview interface caches unfiltered images internally and passes them through image processing filters.
IWiaSegmentationFilter The IWiaSegmentationFilter interface detects sub-regions of an image stream and makes separate IWiaItem2 items for each.
IWiaTransfer The IWiaTransfer interface provides stream-based transfer of data.
IWiaTransferCallback The IWiaTransferCallback interface receives callbacks during a data transfer.
IWiaUIExtension2 The IWiaUIExtension2 interface provides methods that replace the default, system-supplied user interface with a custom user interface, and that provide a custom device icon. Device vendors can implement this interface to provide custom user interfaces for their devices.


New and Changed Overviews for WIA 2.0

Topic Contents
Scan Profile Schema
Transferring Image Data in WIA 2.0
WIA Device Type Specifiers
WIA Property Constants



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