Internet connection sharing

This document describes how internet connection sharing (ICS) can be enabled on Windows IoT Core. Developers can use the NetworkTetheringManager API to configure ICS programmatically. The API is described in the NetworkOperatorTetheringManager class. When using one of the Windows 10 IoT Core Release Image ICS can also be configured using the device portal.

For the Sharing Tutorial, please view the Windows IoT Core November 2015 Release document.

Configuring ICS using the device portal

See documentation on Windows Device Portal (WDP).

ICS code sample

The code sample below demonstrates how the NetworkOperatorTetheringManager API is used to start sharing an Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi. The CreateFromConnectionProfile method accepts arguments that specifies the public and private interface. In any cases of misconfiguration, such as the Wi-Fi radio is turned off, or Ethernet has limited connectivity, then the attempt to start internet sharing conveys an appropriate error code pertaining to this scenario.

using Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators;
using Windows.Networking.Connectivity; 
// Find the Ethernet profile (IANA Type 6)
var connectionProfiles = NetworkInformation.GetConnectionProfiles(); 
var ethernetConnectionProfile = connectionProfiles.FirstOrDefault(x => x.NetworkAdapter.IanaInterfaceType == 6); 

// Find an 802.11 wireless network interface (IANA Type 71)
var wirelessConnectionProfile = connectionProfiles.FirstOrDefault(x => x.NetworkAdapter.IanaInterfaceType == 71);
var targetNetworkAdapter = wirelessConnectionProfile.NetworkAdapter;

if (ethernetConnectionProfile != null && targetNetworkAdapter != null)
    var tetheringManager = NetworkOperatorTetheringManager.CreateFromConnectionProfile(ethernetConnectionProfile, targetNetworkAdapter); 

    var result = await tetheringManager.StartTetheringAsync(); 
    if (result.Status == TetheringOperationStatus.Success)