Suggested Prototype Boards

Windows 10 IoT Core Development Devices

Below you'll find boards we suggest to help you get started with Windows 10 IoT Core. These boards offer a Full Flash Update (FFU) image, making prototyping faster with a ready-made image and making the process of flashing Windows 10 IoT Core a breeze.


You must create your own images and not use the provided images below if you plan to commercialize your device.


The Raspberry Pi platform has limited compatability. For more a more complete Windows 10 IoT Core experience, it is better to use a DragonBoard, Up2 Board or NXP device.

Boards Where To Buy FFU Link How To Set Up Starter Kit
AAEON Up Squared Up Board site Download FFU eMMC (for Up Squared, Intel) N/A
DragonBoard 410c Arrow site Download FFU IoT Dashboard,
eMMC (for DragonBoard 410c, Qualcomm)
MinnowBoard Turbot Minnowboard site Download FFU IoT Dashboard N/A
Raspberry Pi 2
(1.2 not supported)
Raspberry Pi site Download FFU IoT Dashboard (Raspberry Pi, MinnowBoard) Adafruit Kit
Raspberry Pi 3B
(3B+ is an unsupported technical preview)
Raspberry Pi site Download FFU IoT Dashboard Adafruit Kit