Boundary FAQs

What's a boundary and why should I create one?

A boundary defines the area you can move around in while wearing your Windows Mixed Reality headset. It's important to create a boundary to help you avoid the obstacles you can't see while in headset. The boundary looks like a white outline inside mixed reality and appears when you come close to it. When you see it, slow your movements, and avoid crossing the boundary or extending your limbs beyond it.

The area inside the boundary should be free of furniture, low-hanging light fixtures, ceiling fans, and so on, so you won't bump into or trip over anything. Learn about health and safety in Windows Mixed Reality.

How do I create a boundary?

When you first set up your headset, the setup app (Mixed Reality Portal) will take you through the steps to create a boundary. But you can create one at any time:

  1. Select Start > Mixed Reality Portal on your desktop.
  2. Open "Menu".
  3. Select "Setup up room boundary" to create a new boundary.

If someone else uses your headset, make sure they understand the boundary and how to use it. If you move your headset to a new location, you'll need to set up a new boundary for the space.

I get an error message when I try to create a boundary

  • Don't get too close to a wall or other obstruction when creating a boundary.
  • Make sure to hold your headset at waist height, and face your computer while you trace the boundary.
  • Make sure the sensor isn’t blocked and there’s enough light.
  • The space you’re tracing should be larger than 3 square meters.
  • The space shouldn't be too large or too complicated. Stick to a simple geometric shape with twists and turns.
  • Don’t cross back over your own path as you’re tracing.
  • If you get stuck in a corner, start over.

The system cannot find the boundary and I'm being presented with setup UI

This means that the tracking system was unable to recognize your environment. If you are in a new environment, you must set up the boundary. If you've previously used the device in this environment and set up a boundary:

  • Make sure the room has enough light.
  • Make sure you've worn the device and looked around the room. The device must observe your environment to know where it is. It won't find your bounds if it's sitting on a desk or table.
  • Unplug the device, close Windows Mixed Reality, and plug it in again.
  • If something in the environment has changed, the device may no longer recognize it. Set up a new boundary.

If these steps don't resolve the problem, delete your environment data and set up the boundary again.

The system is presenting me with UI that asks me to choose setup for all experiences or seated/standing, and I see my bounds

The device is taking too long to find the bounds. You can bypass this message by choosing the option to use a boundary and you'll be taken to your Windows Mixed Reality home with your bounds present.

I often see a message saying "I've lost my bounds"

The tracking system is having a hard time tracking and identifying your environment. In this state, the device can no longer display your bounds. The headset switches to 3DOF to keep you from to bumping into things in the real world until it locates your bounds again. Try the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Make sure that the room has enough light.
  2. Rerun the setup if you recently redecorated or remodeled the room.
  3. Unplug the device, close Windows Mixed Reality, and plug it in again.
  4. Clear your environment data and set up the device again.
  5. If the message persists, contact customer support.

A message says my boundary can't be found. What should I do?

Windows Mixed Reality might have trouble identifying your existing boundary. You can create a new boundary or you can use your device in "Seated and standing" mode.

A message says “Lost tracking” or “We don’t have a boundary for this space”

Create a new boundary:

  1. Select Start > Mixed Reality Portal.
  2. Open "Menu".
  3. Select "Setup up room boundary".

The boundary is always visible. How can I make it go away?

The boundary appears when you're close to it. If your boundary includes any sections with a narrow or irregular shape, you might end up getting close to it. The boundary may appear more often than you’d like. Try creating your boundary again using a larger and more regular shape to fix the issue:

  1. Select Start > Mixed Reality Portal.
  2. Open "Menu".
  3. Select "Setup up room boundary".

Can I turn off the boundary temporarily?

  • Select Start > Mixed Reality Portal.
  • Open "Menu".
  • Turn "Boundary" to "Off". Make sure to stay in one place while the boundary is off.

How do I choose between "Seated and standing" and "All experiences"?

If you choose "Seated and standing," either during headset setup or later on, you'll be using your headset without a boundary. You'll need to stay in one spot when using the headset to avoid physical obstacles and tripping hazards. You can sit down or stand up, but you can't move around. Keep in mind that obstacles might be overhead and around you.

Some apps might be designed to work with a boundary. They may not work or provide the same experience if you use them without a boundary.

If you choose "All experiences," you'll set up a boundary, and can use apps and experiences that work with and without a boundary.

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