Try out the MRTK2 Examples Hub

MRTK2 Examples Hub app allows you to experience MRTK's important example scenes on your HoloLens device without building and deploying them. The app includes examples of hand-tracking interactions, eye-tracking interactions, clipping, tooltips, shaders, bounding boxes, pressable buttons, hand menus, slates, sliders and more!

HoloLens 2 and HoloLens (1st gen)

MRTK Examples Hub page in the Microsoft store

  1. On your Hololens device, open the Microsoft Store app
  2. Search for MRTK Examples Hub:
  3. Download the app to your device
  4. Go to the app list on your Hololens and run MRTK Examples Hub

Install from the Microsoft Store web page

You can visit this page and click Install on my devices. Select your HoloLens device from the list. When you open Microsoft Store app in your device, the app will be automatically downloaded and installed.

MRTK Examples Hub - Microsoft Store