How to create a custom App Installer experience


This App Installer feature has been temporarily rolled back and will not work right now. Please check back later for further updates as we plan to bring this feature back.

The App Installer App is used for all MSIX installations providing a consistent experience for all users installing an MSIX application. While this consistency is good, we want to also provide the ability for developers to customize the install experience that they are providing to their users. This feature is available on Windows 10 1709 and later.

Create your custom MSIXAppInstallerData.xml file

The first thing you are going to need to customize your App Installer experience is the customization xml file. You can customize several features of your App Installer UX, to make your own unique installer experience. Be sure to save the file name as MSIXAppInstallerData.xml

Here is a list of parameters available for customization:

App Installer UX Setting Description
UX::AccentColor A hex code to change the accent color of App Installer
UX::FontFamily Font family
UX::AllowUserInteraction Boolean. If true, the user can see the 'launch when ready' checkbox (checked by default) and has the option to cancel the install
UX::BackgroundColor A hex code to change the background color of App Installer
UX::AppNameInTitle Boolean. If true, the app name will appear in the installer window title.
HyperLinkFontSize Hyper link font size.
Icon::HorizontalAlignment Icon alignment within the window. Left, center, right
Icon::Logo Link to icon location
Icon::TopMarging Margin from the top of the icon to the top of the application window.
Buttons::HorizontalAlignment Button alignment within the window. Left, center, right
Buttons::Text Additional text to add to the Install buttonIs
Buttons::IsSecondaryButtonAccent Boolean.
LaunchWhenReady::HorizontalAlignment Alignment of the checkbox for 'Launch when ready'. Center, left.
AppInformation::Mode Additional Information show type. Normal, flyout
Hyperlinks::TopMarging Specifies margin between hyperlink and buttons.
Hyperlink::Text Text to display as hyperlink
Hyperlink::Url Link
Hyperlink:: HorizontalAlignment Alignment of hyperlink within the window. Left, center, right

Sample xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 

<AppInstallerUX xmlns=""  



IgnorableNamespaces="ux ux2" Version="1.0.0"> 

  <UX AccentColor="#DE781F" FontFamily="Segoe UI" AllowUserInteraction="false" BackgroundColor="#F3F3F3"  



    <Icon HorizontalAlignment="center" Logo="Images\Contoso96x96.png" TopMarging="70"/> 

    <Buttons HorizontalAlignment="center" Text="Contoso" IsSecondaryButtonAccent="false"/> 

    <LaunchWhenReady HorizontalAlignment="center"/> 

    <AppInformation Mode="flyout" /> 

    <HyperLinks TopMarging="30"> 

      <HyperLink  Text="Terms &amp; conditions" Url="" HorizontalAlignment="center"/> 




Save your file as 'MsixAppInstallerData.xml'

Add the xml file to your MSIX application

Using the MSIX Packaging Tool – Package Editor

  1. Open your MSIX application with Package Editor in the MSIX Packaging Tool

  2. Go to your Package Files and add a new folder under your Package root called 'Msix.AppInstaller.Data'

  3. Add your MSIXAppInstallerData.xml file to your newly created folder.

  4. Save your MSIX Package – be sure to increment the version and sign the package


  • The file must be named MSIXAppInstallerData.xml
  • The file must be in the folder named MSIXAppInstallerData
  • The folder must be underneath the Package root of the package files
  • Check your OS version and your App Installer version
  • Double check the validity of your xml file

File feedback if you run into any other problems or reach out to the MSIX team on our Tech Community.