What is MSIX?

Get MSIX Packaging Tool

Install the app to update existing windows installers to be packaged in MSIX format.

MSIX is the Windows app package format that provides a modern packaging experience to all Windows apps. The MSIX package format preserves the functionality of existing app packages and/or install files in addition to enabling new, modern packaging and deployment features to Win32, WPF, and WinForm apps.

Use the MSIX packaging tool to create an MSIX package for any Windows app, old or new. The MSIX packaging tool streamlines the packaging experience, offering an interactive user interface or command line to convert and package Windows apps. The MSIX packaging tool is available in the Microsoft Store and supported on Windows 10 1809 and later.

With the open source MSIX SDK, the MSIX packages are more versatile, and platform independent. The SDK provides all of the APIs needed to verify, validate, and unpack an app package on any platform.