Support for desktop installers that require device restart


Device restart is a new feature that is currently only available in the insider preview build. You can join the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Preview Program to get access to this feature.

We now support the ability to restart during your conversion process using the MSIX Packaging Tool!

Restarts are supported both through our interactive UI and through our Command Line Interface. In addition, through our Command Line, you can also specify you want to auto-login after the restart to have a seamless hands-free conversion.

You can specify which exit codes indicate a restart in the Settings (Installer exit codes) page.

You can trigger a restart through the UI during your conversion workflow or through the start menu of your conversion machine. After the restart has happened, you will return to the same place you were in the tool to continue with your conversion.

Please keep in mind this feature is still in development and there may be some bugs. If you find any, be sure to file feedback so we can fix it!