Windows key shortcut guide

This guide uses PowerToys to display common keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows ⊞ key.


Press and hold the Windows ⊞ key for about 1 second, an overlay will appear showing keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows ⊞ key, including:

  • common Windows shortcuts,
  • shortcuts for changing the position of the active window,
  • taskbar shortcuts.

Alternatively, open the shortcut guide with the shortcut key combination: ⊞ Win + ? (this may require using the Shift key)

Screenshot of shortcut overlay

Windows key keyboard shortcuts can be used while the guide is being shown and the result of those shortcuts (active window moved, arrow shortcut behavior changes, etc) will be displayed in the guide.

Releasing the Windows ⊞ key will make the overlay disappear.

Tapping the Windows ⊞ key will display the Windows Start menu.


The PowerToys app must be running and Shortcut Guide must be enabled in the PowerToys settings for this feature to be used.


These configurations can be edited from the PowerToys Settings:

  • Press duration before showing (ms): Number of milliseconds that the Windows ⊞ key must be pressed before the Shortcut Guide is displayed.
  • Opacity of background: This slider bar controls the opacity of the Shortcut Guide overlay. (The degree to which you can see through it).

Image of the Options