Microsoft Virus Initiative

The Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) helps organizations to get their products working and integrated with Windows.

MVI members will receive access to Windows APIs (such as those used by Windows Defender Antivirus), and other technologies including IOAV, AMSI and Cloud Files, malware telemetry and samples, and invitations to security related events and conferences.

MVI requires members to develop and own antimalware technology and to be present in the antimalware industry community.

Join MVI

A request for membership is made by an individual as a representative of an organization that develops and produces antimalware or antivirus technology.

Initial selection criteria

Your organization must meet the following eligibility requirements to qualify for the MVI program:

  1. Offer an antimalware or antivirus product that is one of the following:

    • Your organization's own creation.
    • Developed by using an SDK (engine and other components) from another MVI Partner company and your organization adds a custom UI and/or other functionality.
  2. Have your own malware research team unless you build a product based on an SDK.

  3. Be active and have a positive reputation in the antimalware industry. Your organization is:

    • Certified through independent testing by an industry standard organization such as ICSA Labs, West Coast Labs, PCSL IT Consulting Institute, or SKD Labs.
    • Be active in the antimalware industry. For example, participate in industry conferences, be reviewed in an industry standard report such as AV Comparatives, OPSWAT or Gartner.
  4. Be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Microsoft.

  5. Be willing to sign a program license agreement.

  6. Be willing to adhere to program requirements for antimalware apps. These requirements define the behavior of antimalware apps necessary to ensure proper interaction with Windows.

  7. Submit your app to Microsoft for periodic performance testing.

Apply now

If your organization meets these criteria and is interested in joining, apply for membership now. If you have questions, contact us for more information.