Configure and manage Microsoft Defender Antivirus with the mpcmdrun.exe command-line tool

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You can perform various Microsoft Defender Antivirus functions with the dedicated command-line tool mpcmdrun.exe. This utility is useful when you want to automate Microsoft Defender Antivirus use. You can find the utility in %ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe. You must run it from a command prompt.


You might need to open an administrator-level version of the command prompt. Right-click the item in the Start menu, click Run as administrator and click Yes at the permissions prompt.

If you're running an updated Microsoft Defender Platform version, please run MpCmdRun from the following location: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Platform\<version>.

The utility has the following commands:

MpCmdRun.exe [command] [-options]

Here's an example:

MpCmdRun.exe -Scan -ScanType 2
Command Description
-? or -h Displays all available options for this tool
-Scan [-ScanType [0\|1\|2\|3]] [-File <path> [-DisableRemediation] [-BootSectorScan] [-CpuThrottling]] [-Timeout <days>] [-Cancel] Scans for malicious software. Values for ScanType are: 0 Default, according to your configuration, -1 Quick scan, -2 Full scan, -3 File and directory custom scan. CpuThrottling will honor the configured CPU throttling from policy
-Trace [-Grouping #] [-Level #] Starts diagnostic tracing
-GetFiles [-SupportLogLocation <path>] Collects support information. See 'collecting diagnostic data'
-GetFilesDiagTrack Same as -GetFiles, but outputs to temporary DiagTrack folder
-RemoveDefinitions [-All] Restores the installed Security intelligence to a previous backup copy or to the original default set
-RemoveDefinitions [-DynamicSignatures] Removes only the dynamically downloaded Security intelligence
-RemoveDefinitions [-Engine] Restores the previous installed engine
-SignatureUpdate [-UNC \| -MMPC] Checks for new Security intelligence updates
-Restore [-ListAll \| [[-Name <name>] [-All] \| [-FilePath <filePath>]] [-Path <path>]] Restores or lists quarantined item(s)
-AddDynamicSignature [-Path] Loads dynamic Security intelligence
-ListAllDynamicSignatures Lists the loaded dynamic Security intelligence
-RemoveDynamicSignature [-SignatureSetID] Removes dynamic Security intelligence
-CheckExclusion -path <path> Checks whether a path is excluded