Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

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For more info about Windows 10 Enterprise Edition features and functionality, see Windows 10 Enterprise edition.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.

To help you maximize the effectiveness of the security platform, you can configure individual capabilities that surface in Windows Defender Security Center.

The Windows Defender ATP platform is where all the capabilities that are available across multiple products come together to give security operations teams the ability to effectively manage their organization's network.

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Topic Description
Overview Understand the concepts behind the capabilities in Windows Defender ATP so you take full advantage of the complete threat protection platform.
Get started Learn about the requirements of the platform and the initial steps you need to take to get started with Windows Defender ATP.
Cconfigure and manage capabilities Configure and manage the individual capabilities in Windows Defender ATP.
Troubleshoot Windows Defender ATP Learn how to address issues that you might encounter while using the platform.

Windows Defender ATP helps detect sophisticated threats