Onboard and set up Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Applies to:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Windows Defender ATP)

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You need to onboard to Windows Defender ATP before you can use the service.

For more information, see Onboard your Windows 10 endpoints to Windows Defender ATP.

Licensing requirements

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection requires one of the following Microsoft Volume Licensing offers:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise E5
  • Windows 10 Education E5
  • Secure Productive Enterprise E5 (SPE E5) which includes Windows 10 Enterprise E5

For more information, see Windows 10 Licensing.

Windows Defender Antivirus configuration requirement

The Windows Defender ATP agent depends on the ability of Windows Defender Antivirus to scan files and provide information about them.

You must configure the signature updates on the Windows Defender ATP endpoints whether Windows Defender Antivirus is the active antimalware or not. For more information, see Manage Windows Defender Antivirus updates and apply baselines.

When Windows Defender Antivirus is not the active antimalware in your organization and you use the Windows Defender ATP service, Windows Defender Antivirus goes on passive mode. If your organization has disabled Windows Defender Antivirus through group policy or other methods, machines that are onboarded to Windows Defender ATP must be excluded from this group policy.

For more information, see Windows Defender Antivirus compatibility.

In this section

Topic Description
Configure client endpoints You'll need to configure endpoints for it to report to the Windows Defender ATP service. Learn about the tools and methods you can use to configure endpoints in your enterprise.
Configure non-Windows endpoints Windows Defender ATP provides a centralized security operations experience for Windows as well as non-Windows platforms. You'll be able to see alerts from various supported operating systems (OS) in the Windows Defender ATP portal and better protect your organization's network. This experience leverages on a third-party security products´┐Ż sensor data.
Configure server endpoints Onboard Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 to Windows Defender ATP
Configure proxy and Internet settings Enable communication with the Windows Defender ATP cloud service by configuring the proxy and Internet connectivity settings.
Troubleshoot onboarding issues Learn about resolving issues that might arise during onboarding.

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