A label is the name or title of a control or a group of related controls.

Important APIs: Header property, TextBlock class

In XAML, many controls have a built-in Header property that you use to display the label. For controls that don't have a Header property, or to label groups of controls, you can use a TextBlock instead.

a screenshot that illustrates the standard label control


  • Use a label to indicate to the user what they should enter into an adjacent control. You can also label a group of related controls, or display instructional text near a group of related controls.
  • When labeling controls, write the label as a noun or a concise noun phrase, not as a sentence, and not as instructional text. Avoid colons or other punctuation.
  • When you do have instructional text in a label, you can be more generous with text-string length and also use punctuation.

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