Design toolkits and samples for UWP apps

Design and UI-related downloads for Fluent Design/UWP apps. For additional tools, such as Visual Studio, see our main downloads page.

Design toolkits

These toolkits provide controls and layout templates for designing UWP apps.

hero image Adobe XD toolkit
v1806, June 2018

hero image Adobe Illustrator toolkit
v1806, June 2018

hero image Sketch
v1803, March 2018

hero image Adobe Photoshop toolkit
v1705, May 2017

hero image Framer toolkit
v1806, June 2018

Developer toolkits and libraries

WinUI library thumbnail Windows UI Library
Controls and other UI elements for UWP apps.
Installation instructions

Windows community thumbnail Windows Community Toolkit
Helper functions, custom controls, and app services.
Installation instructions



Download the tile and icon generator

Tile and icon generator for Adobe Photoshop This set of actions for Adobe Photoshop generates the 68 recommended tile and icon assets from just 7 files.
Download the tile and icon generator


build cast image BuildCast
BuildCast is an end-to-end sample built to showcase the Fluent Design System as well as other capabilities of the Universal Windows Platform. It permits browsing, downloading, and playback of select video podcasts, including a sampling of the most popular ones from Channel 9 and some Windows tech enthusiast feeds. It also features ink notes, bookmarks, and remote playback. This sample was initially shown at the 2017 Build conference during the Build Amazing Apps with Fluent Design talk.
Download the BuildCast sample
Check out the BuildCast sample on GitHub

Lunch Scheduler Lunch Scheduler
A UWP sample that schedules lunches with your friends and coworkers. You create a lunch, invite friends to a restaurant of interest, and the app takes care of the lunch management for all involved parties. This app incorporates elements of the Fluent Design System in a UWP app, including acrylic, reveal, and connected animations.
Download the Lunch Scheduler sample
Check out the Lunch Scheduler sample on GitHub

Xaml controls gallery XAML Controls Gallery
This sample provides an interactive demo of all of the XAML controls. It shows a variety of layouts from basic to adaptive, and displays markup that you can copy into your own project. Note: The download file and the GitHub repository currently refer to this sample app as "UI Basics (XAML)."
Download the XAML Controls Gallery sample
Check out the XAML Controls Gallery sample on GitHub
Download the XAML Controls Gallery app from the Store

Want more code?

Check out the Windows sample page for complete list of all our UWP app samples. Go to the samples portal